I'm looking for a UPS for my Synology j, but I guess because it's such a new unit, the official compatibility list is tiny, and only contains discontinued units that I can't even find on Google, or rackmount ones that are in the thousands of dollars.

I guess my question is has anyone had luck using a UPS that's not on the compatibility list for their Synology NAS, and had it work perfectly? Those are pretty tiny, low-capacity units intended for casual desktop use and light loads I've had a few transient power outages less than a second over the past while that I've owned the Synology, and I'm worried about one of those causing the RAID to corrupt itself.

I doubt the UPS support list is different between the Synology devices. I have a Back-UPS ES that it detects just fine and has worked for me for several years now complete with clean shut down when the battery's running out, etc.

I guess their compatibility list is just stuff they tested directly to make sure it does work, and is not indicative of stuff that should work.

Synology is just using "NUT" internally. Synology UPS compatibility 9 posts. Moderator et Subscriptor. Thanks, continuum. I'll give it a shot and order one.

Synology UPS compatibility

Not to scale. Registered: May 10, Posts: Posted: Sat Jun 25, am. Posted: Sat Jun 25, pm. Posted: Sun Jun 26, am. Posted: Sun Jun 26, pm. Posted: Wed Jun 29, am.So when they happened, I could manage to log on to my Synology thank god for iPad and its battery and also because I use the UPS to protect my Cisco switch which allow the network to continue to run and with the UPS ES, it bought me enough time to shut them all down gracefully. Now as I said, this is good and cheap enough if you happened to be at home or have someone at home competent enough to shut down the Synology.

Sometimes you are really not at home and when that happens, how can you shut down the Synology and besides, you dun know about the power problem, do you …. The main difference is that it will ALSO work with the Synology to automatically shut down the Synology gracefully without human intervention. This is because there is a 2nd link between the UPS and the Synology and of course, the software in Synology to communicate such a scenario in the shut down.

The accessories. In my pack, I do not see a power cord for the UPS! These are the ones in GREY in the photos:. And the baby itself:. The manual:. Before anything, you need to connect the battery inside the UPS.

The instructions are clear. Connect this connector:. Interesting cable. Okie Time to set it all up. Once it is set up, I use cable ties to tie it all up nicely, okie.

And on the Synology side, with the B and C indicated. Surfing the web immediately, I found many saying that it worked for them and so I was quite surprised… anyway, I did the thing most will do. This is how it looked if it is working. The UPS support is enabled:. Very well done and instructive post.

Is it because you do not have one unique Volume defined in your Synology? In fact, after writing this article, i realized that i did not link my DX to the UPS and then realized that i should. It went to one of the power socket in the UPS….

Hi, many thanks too for that useful post! Yet another question: you own two NAS. Of course, your setup works for one device to backup, but when battery is low, it would be nice if both NAS know that battery is low …. Connect all power plugs to APC yes, pretty obvious 1. This way, it is possible to connect several Syno to only one APC, having all Syno knowing that there is a power outage.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Prev Article Next Article. Share this article. Related Posts. Hi there! Thanks, Claude. Chinese May 21, You are very right!!! It went to one of the power socket in the UPS… Thanks for the comment.

Mike June 26, I will send your request to the Product Manager. A network option you have now is to write a script PowerChute will run prior to OS shutdown that will command the Synology system down.

Has there been any movement on this case? Seems to me your system should work too.

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I can't think why as I can see pcns Examining the install. Did you manually install this on the Synology unit? The one I am working on does not ship with it installed by default. Choose a location. StruxureWare for Data Centers.

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Join now. Latest DSM version is 5. Hi, I will send your request to the Product Manager. Thank you. You probably need to configure the firewall. Please can someone help! Page 1 of 1 11 items.

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synology ups compatibility

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Location Search. America Europe Asia Pacific Africa. Select from the vender brand, model name for compatibility informiaton. Can't find the needed NAS model on the list? Feel free to ask us to confirm the compatibility. Form Factor. Power Solution Expert. Fast Growing with Enterprise Solution.So I had a power outage recently in my neighborhood while I was out of town. I'm in the midst of battling Synology to get a resolution I am now nervous about the future for when this happens again.

I use my NAS as the primary back-up, and it seems to have been damaged by the power outage--not a very reliable solution. Mind you that my PC, router, Ethernet switches, Raspberry Pis, and all of my other devices handled the power outage just fine Are there any good UPS options for use with Synology devices?

When the power goes out at work and it does sometimes because it is a shoddy old buildingthis link allows the TripLite to talk to the NAS, and the NAS gracefully shuts itself down in the case that power doesn't come back on before the UPS batteries run out.

Has anyone actually implemented something like that for their Synology setup? Yes, I have. I asked the same question a while ago. It's not on the HCL.

synology ups compatibility

You configure when you want the Synology to shut down in the control panel in DSM I set mine to 45 seconds after the UPS detects a loss in mains power. The nicest thing for me is that the Synology will log every time it switches to battery power, and every time it switches back to mains power. I was surprised how often the power actually goes out at my house.

Run time with nothing else connected to the UPS is about 10 minutes with 2 WD Reds and 2 Seagates not sure which models in the lineup, other than that they are 4 TB installed. Even a crappy VA Liebert worked. It runs for over an hour on battery. The notifications are nice, but I want to point out many UPS models will run self tests.

These self tests will appear to be power outages to the Synology and many other devices. Puzzled me for a while because it appeared that my wiring closet was having power outages once a week while nothing else in the house went down.By volumeJune 23, in General Support. Then google Synology access UPS default login password. I can't remember the login password and in fact no any Synology at my network, btw do you success by setting as URL info.

I did not change any of the usernames or passwords for my config, left everything as default. Thats really cool! I didn't know about these things either, just discovered them, small correction to my output above, the default password for monuser is secret:. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

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UPS and Synology NAS Power Failure Test - DS1618+ and SMT750i

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Synology Products Compatibility List

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synology ups compatibility

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